About Your Body

You were designed by nature perfectly.  You have within you the ability to fight disease, prevent illness, and overcome the stress of everyday living.  

Each of us is unique and what we need each day will vary upon the demands placed on us.  A specific diet that works for you and provides you the energy you need to get through your day may not necessarily be the best diet for someone else.  Eight glasses of water each day might help keep the sedentary office worker hydrated properly while 28 glasses a day will help the long distance cyclist. While some people might need a chiropractic adjustment every hour in order to keep and maintain their spine in balance, others may only need to be checked once a week.

Just as we are unique in our own needs through nutrition, rest, and exercise, each of our spines are unique as well.  While our spinal bones (vertebrae) may all share some resemblances, subtle differences exist in their shape and how the muscles surrounding them help to maintain them in proper alignment and balance.  It is for this reason that at Doctor V Chiropractic Center, Inc., we'll offer a Lifestyle-Based model of care and unique recommendations, specific to you and your lifestyle.

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"Take care of your body and it will take care of you."

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