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Our priority is to make having chiropractic care one of the easiest things you can do for yourself.  Life offers us enough challenges and we strive to provide options for you that will help you live healthier for life.

We ask those who are new to Doctor V Chiropractic Center to please call ahead for a first visit appointment.  Since our office is open until 8 pm most nights, we do our best to accommodate same-day appointments.  Depending on your individual circumstances,  we may be able to accommodate walk-ins too. After your first visit, feel free to walk-in anytime during our walk-in office hours.

Our office offers modern chiropractic care. We do not offer medical or physical therapy care. We are strictly a chiropractic office that serves individuals and families who enjoy having their spines checked as part of a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. We see infants, children and adults, as well as provide care to expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy.

One thing that you will find unique about Doctor V is that his focus is to check your spine to see if you need a chiropractic adjustment. Many of his clients often learn that they do not need and adjustment each time they visit the office. In other words, if you do not need a chiropractic adjustment, then he'll tell you. You can rest assured that you will receive only what you truly need. He'll be honest with you and he'll welcome your questions. That's one reason why referrals make up the largest part of our practice.

Call (412) 787-0101 or use the form below to email us and schedule your first visit appointment!  

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