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Dr. Robert Vano offers more affordable care options, including individual and family memberships.  He was on the cutting edge of this transition and to date has performed more than 1 million adjustments.   His experience is something you can count on for yourself and your family.

Our priority is to make having chiropractic care one of the easiest things you can do for yourself when it comes to your health.  Life offers us enough challenges and we strive to provide options for you that will help you live healthier for life.

We're all walk-in!  Since our office is open until 8 pm 3 nights a week, it's easy to make chiropractic care part of your lifestyle.  Under most circumstances, we should be able to see you right away.  

Our office offers modern chiropractic care. We do not offer medical or physical therapy care. We are strictly a chiropractic office that serves individuals and families who enjoy having their spines checked as part of a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle.  We see infants, children and adults, as well as provide care to expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy.

Call (412) 787-0101 or use the form below to let us know you would like to come in for your first visit!  We'll listen to you, check your spine, and we'll tell you exactly what we think you need from a chiropractic perspective.  Our goal is to help you live healthier for life.

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