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Healthy living involves paying attention to more than one thing alone and it is certainly a long-term commitment, not a flash fad.  

There are countless examples of people who only eat a healthy diet, yet still die from cancer.  On the same note, there are endless stories about the person who was always active yet dropped dead of a heart attack.  

At Doctor V Chiropractic Center, we understand there are no magic potions that can guarantee health and longevity. If there were, undoubtedly, we would have a healthier society and far fewer medicine bottles in our homes. However, we do believe there is a "not-so secret formula" to living a higher quality of life. 

Our experience has shown that chiropractic care in and of itself will not solve all of your health problems. But by exercising regularly and also by eating a healthy diet (whole foods plant-based emphasis) while at the same time undergoing a regular schedule of chiropractic adjustments, you can enhance your ability to live healthier and reduce or maybe even prevent other conditions from manifesting.  However, we don't advise on exercise nor do we offer nutritional advice because that's not our job here at Doctor V Chiropractic Center.  We also don't advise on the care of common medical conditions.  

What we do is different.  That's why we welcome you to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY ORIENTATION visit and discover for yourself how adjustments are a necessary part of life.  

It doesn't matter what your current health condition is...making chiropractic adjustments part of your healthy lifestyle will add quality to your life.

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