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We understand those new to chiropractic care are not sure what to expect or what a chiropractic adjustment feels like.  Rest assured that the techniques Dr. Vano utilizes are safe and gentle.  He possesses unparalleled skills in detecting spinal imbalances and providing adjustments that are specific to your need and gentle so you'll feel comfortable each time you visit the office.

Dr. Vano uses "Advanced Muscle Palpation" and "working muscle analysis" to analyze your spine each time he sees you.  If you're out of alignment, he'll be able to detect it and offer you recommendations.  

The following are the techniques he utilizes on a daily basis:

  • Impulse IQ Computerized Instrument - High-tech computerized adjustments with Impulse iQ® actually precisely measure how the spine is moving during the treatment so that just the right amount of care can be provided.  We often refer to this as "receiving a customized adjustment...perfect for you".  It's very gentle and and comfortable for even those who are nervous about receiving a chiropractic adjustment or new to chiropractic care.  With the technique, you will not hear the "popping" sound you hear in movies.  Dr. Vano is CERTIFIED by the inventor of of this adjusting method. 
  • Thompson Technique - This technique uses the chiropractic table to assist with a gentle adjustment.  You'll feel a slight drop of one piece of the table.  Like the Impulse IQ, this technique does not produce the "popping" sound you hear in movies.
  • Diversified Technique - If you enjoy traditional chiropractic adjustments, this is the technique where you might hear that "popping" sound the movies exaggerate.  The chiropractic profession was built upon this technique.  Tens of millions of diversified chiropractic adjustments are performed each year around the world. 
  • Children - Each of the above techniques are used effectively for children.  Dr. Vano's analysis allows for him to provide gentle adjustments for all ages. 
  • Pregnancy - Well versed in providing care for pregnant women, Dr. Vano can use the above techniques safely and effectively ely for expecting mothers.  Dr. Vano has provided care for dozens of pregnant women over the course of his career.  Not only is chiropractic care good for the expecting mother's health, many have expressed their pregnancy was more comfortable for them because of the care they received.

Call (412) 787-0101 or use the form below to let us know you would like to come in for your first visit!  We'll listen to you, check your spine, and we'll tell you exactly what we think you need from a chiropractic perspective.  Our goal is to help you live healthier for life.

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