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"Love Doctor V! I appreciate the membership program; it's a great value and something I can consistently count on to stay aligned and feeling my best. I have great health insurance and actually opt out of using it; I pay less by participating the membership program (which has a ton of options to chose from)! I recommend Doc V to all my friends and colleagues. "

- rachel b.

"I know of no better reason to see Dr. V than to keep me in top form. I'm busy...very busy!! I love his idea that chiropractic should be "part of a healthy and productive lifestyle", as he would say it. I refer my friends and family to see him and I truly appreciate what he does for me. Thank you!"

- Scott K.

"I've been going to Dr V. for 3 years. I've had back issues (mostly lower) since I was in my late 20's. I've always been active - especially with weight training. 3 years ago I blew a disc in my lower back and was told by an orthopedic that I will continue to have back problems the rest of my life due to a degenerative disc. I started weekly adjustments with Doc V. and slowly incorporated certain exercises like squats and deadlifts back into my training regimen. I'll be 41 years old in May and have never felt better! I can lift more weight than at anytime in my life. I haven't had any major back discomfort since May of 2012. I believe that my weekly visits to Doc V has enabled me to live such an active and healthy lifestyle."

- Jeff S.

"Since I've moved away from the area, I put together a top 10 list of what I miss most from Pittsburgh, and you (Doctor V) took the #1 spot!"

- Al M.

"I have been to several other chiropractors and have found Dr. V Chiropractic Center to be the best fit for my family. I especially appreciate how Dr. Vano takes the time to explain things before he starts taking care of you. His practice is unique and I enjoy my visits. He makes it so easy anyone can do it! "

- Scott B.

"My family loves seeing Dr. Vano! It's easy to be seen and he respects our time. Being open until 8 pm each night really helps us with our busy lifestyles. Thank you, Dr. V, for everything!"

- Martha C.

"I'll just say this...I notice a big difference when I see Dr. V regularly. I have a lot of stress in my life. I used to go when I just felt badly. Now I consider m visits to see him as part of my routine. As he puts it..."It's part of a healthy lifestyle"."

- Melinda J.

"The philosophy of care that Dr. V offers is by far, the most profound, exciting, and common sense approach to healthcare. I love being able to walk in when I choose. I also love the way he is thorough and explains everything. Oh, and he's a great guy! :) Can't forget that."

- Sandy A.

"My mom wanted me to go see dR. V. I am 9 years old and I like going to him. He's cool. He adgusts me and my little sister. We lik him."

- Julie S.

"I love going to Dr. V's! I have been to a few chiropractors and Dr. V's office is organized and clean and he makes me feel appreciated. Today, more doctors need to appreciate their patients like he does. My family loves you, Dr. V - thank you for everything!"

- Kate H.

"Without a doubt, joining a membership at Doctor V's has been a great decision on my part. I love the freedom it gives me!"

- Scott D.

"My care with Dr. V has not only enabled me to be headache-free, but it has also made me a much happier person and I now have the patience that I lacked. Dr. V is passionate about his work and takes time with his clients and wants the best for them. My whole family visits him regularly."

- Melissa B.

"I have been to several chiropractors over the last 20 years and Dr. V is the most down-to-earth doctor I have ever met. Without a doubt, he is the best chiropractor I have been to and I recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you, Dr. V for doing what you do! It is greatly appreciated."

- Scott S.

"Dr. Vano has taught me so much! He has helped me realize so many things about my health and I truly appreciate his help. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Betty N.

"Dr. Vano sees my whole family. My kids love him and we appreciate the convenience he offers."

- Reba M.

"Dr. Vano helped me greatly improved my health. He is gentle and respects my time, not holding me up with my busy schedule. His office also provides a relaxed environment that I enjoy coming to visit."

- Carol M.

"Dr. Vano's care has allowed my second pregnancy to be more enjoyable — less pain, more energy, and an overall feeling of being physically healthy! During my first pregnancy, I was not receiving chiropractic care and experienced a large amount of pain and fatigue throughout the entire pregnancy. I am so thankful this time around it has been different due to chiropractic care!"

- Mandie G.

"How I feel about Dr. Vano and his adjustments: Respectable and educated. I feel very comfortable with his adjusting techniques for myself and my daughter."

- Lorie F.

"How I feel about Dr. Vano's care: "He's honest, trustworthy, caring, and he's gentle.""

- Mike M.

"How have I beneffited from chiropractic care?: "I am more comfortable, more productive, and more energetic.""

- John P.

"About Dr. Vano's service: "He offers the best environment in service you will ever find!"

- Jim T.

"Why I love chiropractic: "Because it's a simple and easy natural way to improve my body's health."

- Rosalyn M.

"About Doctor V's office: "I love the ease of not needing an appointment - just walk-in whenever MY schedule permits."

- Chuck C.

"How have I beneffited from Dr. Vano's care?: "I feel more energized, more rested, and able to perform activities with greater ease."

- Linda T.

"How have I benefitted from Dr. V's care?: "I can breath deeply, sleep better, and my overall mood is better. Without a doubt, the best chiropractic experience I have had!"

- Jon H.

"What I think about Dr. Vano: "Dr. V is an excellent person. He cares about you. It is not just the actual "adjustment" he performs, but that of true professionalism and caring for his patients."

- Gary A.

"About getting adjusted by Dr. Vano: "It feels like a lot of pressure has been taken off my body. Everything just feels lined up again."

- Dave E.

"How I feel about Dr. Vano: "He's the best chiropractor!"

- Tiffany M.

"About getting adjusted by Doctor V: "My body instantly sez...ahhhhhh!"

- Laurie B.

"Why I love chiropractic: "I love chiropractic because it makes my life better. I move better. I feel better. I am better."

- Robin S.

"About Dr. Vano: "He's a very honest person you can trust not only as a doctor, but also as a friend."

- Mike C.

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